President's Message





[From the speech of the Chairman of the Board of Directors at the new year's talk to the entire board of directors and employees of CC1 on January 25, 2021]


Dear the Board of Directors of Construction Corporation No. 1 – JSC, the Board of Directors of member companies and all employees of the CC1 family! 

Allow me to introduce, I am Nguyen Van Huan and I have just been elected by the General Meeting of Shareholders to join the Board of Directors and trusted by the Board of Directors to be elected to the position of Chairman of the Board of Directors of Construction Corporation No.1 - JSC (CC1) on January 21, 2021. Today, I am honored and happy to have the opportunity to share with all of you for the first time the message and goals of our actions in the coming time.

Nearly 42 years since its establishment in 1979, CC1 has now become one of the leading brands in the field of investment and construction of the country. Having that pride is thanks to the dedication and tireless efforts of many generations of CC1 leaders and employees, including our brothers and sisters sitting here. And one thing that is very proud is that there are brothers and sisters who have devoted their youth, their whole lives with the highest sense of responsibility to CC1.

As chairman of the Board of Directors, with all my enthusiasm and enthusiasm, I would like to convey my message to you as follows: "ACCOMPANYING TO REACH FAR – SHARING TO GROW STRONG".  I hope that the Board of Directors as well as all members of the CC1 Family, together with me, will make the best of this message. The reason I chose this message is for the following goals:


–          Is the companionship between shareholders, investors and the Board of Directors; between the Board of Directors and the Management Board; between the Management Board and the Workers; between the Parent company and the Member companies. And I also hope that this companionship will also be carried out in the opposite direction from bottom to top.

–          This companionship not only comes from within CC1, but this companionship is also reflected in the relationships between CC1 and partners and customers. And I also look forward to receiving companionship from partners and customers with CC1.


–          It is the sharing of responsibilities at work, in the periods of ups and downs, difficulties as well as advantages and development of CC1.
–          And accordingly, the benefits must be shared in accordance with the individual's dedication to CC1. This is also the core principle in the mechanism that I want to build for CC1, we will have the salary and bonus to accompany the work efficiency and business efficiency brought to the business.

In order to implement this message, with my role and position, I am committed to creating the most favorable conditions for the administration, policy development, how to ensure ventilated, fast, safe and efficient mechanisms for the stable apparatus in the shortest time, the fastest development, creating the foundation for a new stage of development. Realizing the dream of reaching out to the big sea that generations of CC1 workers have always wanted.

As you know, 2020 is a year when the world and domestic economy face many difficulties due to the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic. However, Vietnam still emerges as a bright spot in terms of attracting investment and business activities, I would like to overlook some outstanding opportunities as follows:
1.       We have won the double victory of both controlling the epidemic and ensuring economic growth.
2.      Opportunities from the US-China trade war have also brought our country many new opportunities and opportunities through the production shift of major international investors. They all highly appreciate the business environment, as well as the potential of the Vietnamese market.
3.       Recently, our country has signed many valuable trade agreements. Among those agreements is the CPTPP, formerly the TPP. After the results of this presidential election, I am confident that the United States will return to helping the agreement grow to its original strength, which will also increase our chances.
4.      Regarding Vietnam's economic situation, the Government is promoting macro-economic recovery and growth. One of the top priorities is to promote the development of transport infrastructure, works serving the socio-economy and national security. These are the strengths of CC1, we must make good use of this opportunity.
5.      As seen as an enterprise, we have completed the transition from a state-owned joint stock business to a fully private economic group model. I believe that, with a flexible, creative, professional, safe and effective operating mechanism; along with sensible strategic thinking and action from the Board of Directors and the Board of Management of CC1, we will strive to achieve the goal of being in the TOP 3 leading construction enterprises in Vietnam within the next 3 to 5 years and become a professional international contractor in the region within the next 5 to 7 years.  

In order to make the most of the opportunities mentioned above, I would like to ask CC1's management and employee to focus on the following important tasks:

1.    Organizational Apparatus and Personnel
      In short term (6-12 months):
§ Urgently consolidate and stabilize the organizational structure in the direction of leanness, specialization each accordingly functional divisions. 
§ Standardize operational regulations and operational processes in order to improve the operational efficiency of the entire system in the direction of creating flexible and favorable mechanisms for the performance of duties of employees. 
§ Building and organizing corporate culture in the direction of honoring and recognizing the values and dedication of employees to the Organization.  
§ Immediately develop policies to attract talents.
§ Develop and successfully apply the KPI system into human resource management to properly and fully evaluate the performance of each employee in the entire CC1 system.

      In mid-long term (1-3 years):
§ Improve and standardize remuneration and talent retention policies.
§ Organize training to improve professional skills and expertise.
§ Build a legacy leadership team.

2.    Business Production:
            In short term (6-12 months):
§ Ensure the quality and progress of construction of real estate investment projects, traffic investment, construction works under implementation.
§ Take advantage of the golden opportunity in marketing and bidding for projects in the fields of energy, transportation, education, healthcare, water supply and drainage, industrial park factories, etc.
§ Develop the core values and strengths of CC1 and its subsidiaries in investing in real estate business projects, PPP projects, receiving construction tenders for large-scale energy, industrial and civil works.

            In mid-long term (1-3 years):
§ Maintaining and developing core business lines including Construction – Investment – Trading in construction materials in the direction of forming a value chain.
§ Improving and standardizing production and business processes and regulations of the Corporation and its subsidiaries in combination with the application of information technology to improve operational efficiency.
§ Building a good eco-system in construction works, contributing to environmental improvement, urban aesthetic, creating additional value for the construction that CC1 built.
§ Expanding production and business activities through flexible forms of business cooperation with strategic partners such as: M&A activities, capital investment participation to get more construction and installation contracts, etc.;
§ Development of construction and installation activities from investors who are FDI enterprise customers operating in Vietnam wishing to expand business activities, and FDI investors preparing to participate in the Vietnamese market.
§ Maintain the position, scale and growth rate suitable to aim to participate in the TOP 3 construction enterprises with the largest capital scale in Vietnam after 3 to 5 years and raise the level of operation to become a professional international construction contractor after 5 to 7 years.
§ Develop an eco-system with the core values being construction and investment activities.

3.    Finance:
            In short term (6-12 months):
§ Reviewing and evaluating the cost of business activities of the Parent Company;
§ Review and evaluate the business operating costs of member companies and the investment efficiency of the Corporation in current projects.
§ Develop and well implement debt collection plans.
§ Develop and standardize the process of checking the implementation of weekly, monthly and quarterly cash flow plans.
§ Maximize the efficiency of the use of capital of the enterprise. 
§ Standardize financial management activities in accordance with international standards, convert from VAS to IFRS.
§ Switching from registering for trading on UpCom at Hanoi Stock Exchange (HNX) to listing on the Ho Chi Minh City Stock Exchange (HSX).
§ Full pro-active capital plan to respond promptly and effectively in all production and business activities, proceed to expand financial investment to become a multidisciplinary economic group.

4.    Brand Building and Development:
§ Maintaining the leading position and promoting comparative advantages in the field of construction and installation of energy works, heavy industry, transport infrastructure.
§ Building strong brand management processes and systems.
§ Building a marketing system in the media to further promote the brand and image of CC1.

5.    Application of Science, Engineering and Technology: 
§ Research on application of science and technology to the production of construction materials and construction works.
§ Implement the goal of national digital transformation in all business management activities by applying information technology (IT).
§ Apply ERP system to all production and business activities of CC1 to minimize costs, improve labor productivity, optimize profits in investment and production, thereby improving competitiveness.

6.    Social Responsibility:
§ Protect the traditional cultural values of indigenous peoples during the implementation of the Project.
§ Well perform the protection of the ecological environment and biodiversity during the construction process.
§ Fulfill community responsibilities in places where CC1 is present.
§ Maintain and strengthen repayment programs (nurturing heroic Vietnamese mothers, taking care of policy families).
§ Participate in practically helping vulnerable people and disadvantaged sectors of society, so that no one is left behind.

Dear brothers and sisters!
I would like to believe that, in order to successfully accomplish the goals above, I request your strength, our strength to become a united collective, a collective acting for the identity colours of CC1. Let's act together with the message of ACCOMPANYING TO REACH FAR – SHARING TO GROW STRONG.
I am committed to creating the most favorable conditions for CC1's management as well as every employees to have the opportunity to maximize their own strengths, contribute to the overall development and prosperity of the business as well as create their own prosperity for each member of the CC1 family, so that CC1 is also our 2nd home.
I can assure all of you that CC1 is not only a strong brand but also a business with a unique cultural tradition. I am always aware of my responsibility to inherit and further promote these good traditions, to bring the CC1 boat forward fast, far and strong on the way to reach the big sea, ready to face all storms, to be able to compete fairly with leading construction corporations in the world.
With the CC1 brand, I believe that one day we will be No. 1 in the field of investment and construction, with our dear name, pride uttered on the lips of each of us every day.
Thank you everyone for taking the time to listen to my heartfelt sharing.

Nguyen Van Huan
Chairman of the Board