CC1 brand mark is formed from years of experience accumulation, prestige and a vision of strategic development


CC1 was established in 1979, we introduced ourselves as a domestic sub-contractor for construction projects. After 43 years of development, CC1 now has grown strongly with an expanding scale and diverse fields of operation.

CC1 History of Establishment

  1. 1979 Establishment of Construction Corporation No. 1
  2. 1985 Production and trading of construction materials
  3. 1989 Import and export of construction materials
  4. 1992 Investment consultancy and construction design
  5. 1995 Re-establishment according to the Decision No.995/BXD-TCLD by Minister of Construction dated November 20th 1995
  6. 1996 First business registration (Business Registration Number: 103392)
  7. 2001 Investment in constructing and trading apartments and offices, tourism, hotels business, entertainment services. Construction and installation of lines and transformer station up to 500KW
  8. 2002 Investment and construction of thermal power plants, production and electric business. Trading and exploiting of seaport.
  9. 2006 Re-establishment according to Decision No. 386/QD-BXD by Minister of Construction dated March 9th 2006. Re-registration and operation in the form of Parent-subsidiary companies (Business registration number: 41060000326)
  10. 2010 Conversion of Parent company - Construction Corporation No. l into Construction Corporation No. l Co., Ltd. according to Decision No.617/QD-BXD by Minister of Construction dated June 10th 2010
  11. 2016 Restructure of Construction Corporation No. l and equitization into Construction Corporation No. l – Joint Stock Company
  12. 2020 All State capital in CC1 transferred by Ministry of Construction


CC1 has been praised by the Party and the State through noble awards such as the Ho Chi Minh Medal, the Independence Medal, and the Labor Medal. Construction Corporation No. 1 also received certificates of merit from the Ministry of Construction, the Ministry of Transport and many localities across the country.