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Bright day April 7, 2023, Trade Union No. 1 Construction Corporation agency has organization success 12th congress (2023-2028).  

The Congress evaluated and reviewed the implementation of the Resolution of the 11th Congress (2016 - 2022); approved the report on the summary of trade union activities, the review report of the Executive Board of the Trade Union Union of Construction Corporation No. 1; discuss and vote on directions, goals and tasks for the term 2023 - 2028. The Trade Union of the Agency strives to effectively perform a number of key tasks in propaganda and education of union members and employees, emulation movement associated with production and business, job care and workers' lives.

General Assembly Union No.1 Construction Corporation agency XII term (2023-2028)

During the last term, the Trade Union of the Corporation has also focused on activities to take care of the lives of employees through activities such as: giving gifts to the mid-autumn festival, awarding prizes to children of union members who have achieved academic titles. excellent students, advanced students; visit and share when the union members are sick, the family has filial piety and joy; organize for employees to visit, vacation, ...

Worth mentioning, not only taking care of union members and employees at the enterprise, the Trade Union of the Corporation also cooperates with the Board of Directors of the Company to promote charity activities such as: Supporting the construction of houses. gratitude, house of love; building schools for children in remote areas; sponsoring poor students to overcome difficulties; financing bridge construction in Ben Tre province; support units to prevent Covid-19 epidemic,…

In the term of 2023 - 2028, the Trade Union of the No.1 Construction Corporation focused on innovating the contents and methods of operation to attract the attention and participation of a large number of employees; at the same time, encourage union members to actively study to improve their qualifications in all aspects, emulate and complete the set tasks and goals.

Grandma Vu Thi To Tam – President of Trade Union The Corporation spoke at the General Meeting

Speaking at the Congress, Ms. Vu Thi To Tam - President of the Corporation's Trade Union sent her congratulations to the General Meeting and wished the Trade Union of the Corporation to do a better job as a defender of interests. legitimacy of employees.

General Director Le Bao Anh speaks at the Congress

Also within the framework of the program, Mr. Le Bao Anh - General Director of CC1 recognized and praised the achievements of the Trade Union of the Corporation in the last term, and at the same time requested the Executive Board in the term In the future, it is necessary to pay special attention to the lives of workers, better perform the functions and duties of the trade union, represent and protect the legitimate rights and interests of workers.

Delegates participate in the election at the Congress

With a spirit of solidarity and high consensus, the Congress elected the Executive Committee of the Trade Union of Construction Corporation No. 1 for the 12th term (2023 - 2028) including 09 members and elected 16 official delegates to the Congress. Trade Union Trade Union Corporation and 02 alternate delegates.

Executive Committee of Trade Union of Construction Corporation No. 1, term XII (2023 - 2028)